Glamorgan Karate Club

Annual Karate Tournament - 2018

Date: November 30 / December 1, 2018

Location: Crescent Heights High School

The Glamorgan Karate Club (GKC) is a Wado Kai Karate club operating in Elbow Park, Calgary. Wado Kai (Way of Peace) Karate is a martial art that teaches effective self-defence skills by developing explosive power, timing and coordination. Students acquire strength, endurance, flexibility and cardio-vascular fitness through the practice of basic techniques. We place a strong emphasis on strengthening character so that violent confrontation can be avoided.


Family / Intermediate Classes

As of Sept 14, 2018, fall registration for the Family Class - September 2018 to end of January 2019 is now CLOSED.

If you would like more information or would like to be added to a waiting list, please email

Adult Club Members

Please finalize your registration here: Adult Club Registration

Introducing: Little Ninjas!

We are starting a new program on Thursdays from 6:45 to 7:15 called Little Ninjas (3-5 years old)

For more information click here: Classes, Times and Fees

GKC is a community-oriented, registered non-profit organization operating in Calgary, Alberta. We are members of the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation (SWKKF).