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Wado Kai Karate

Wado Kai (Way of Peace) Karate is a martial art that teaches effective self-defence skills by developing ones explosive power, timing and coordination. A strong emphasis is also placed on developing ones character so that violent confrontation can be avoided. Strength, endurance, flexibility and cardio-vascular fitness are developed through the practice of basic techniques. Basic techniques include blocking, grappling, punching ,kicking and body shifting, which are blended into combinations to learn the science of self defence.


The club's instructors and members are part of the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation (SWKKF), with over 4000 members, 1000 black belts and 200 clubs across Canada. Two Wado Kai tournaments are held in Calgary each year.

History of Three Elements Karate 

Three Elements Karate (formerly Glamorgan Karate Club) was established in September of 1999 at the Glamorgan Community Centre by Sensei Dan McKee and Sensei Kevin Bowes.  We would like to thank the community centre for all of their support. If it was not for them, and of course our students, we would not be where we are today!

In September of 2004, the karate club moved from the community centre to Pro Bodies, a local gym. Spending the first 5 years of our existence at the community centre was a wonderful time, however, it came time for us to move on to another site to help aid in our teaching. At the gym we were in an aerobics studio that had mirrors on 3 of 4 walls, plus some heavy bags and additional equipment for us to use. The time spent at Probodies was instrumental in the development of new and experience students alike.

The summer of 2008 started a new chapter for the Glamorgan Karate Club. Sensei Dan McKee moved to Comox (Vancouver Island) leaving the club for Sensei Kevin to run. In discussions together, Dan and Kevin knew it was important to have two people running the club. Without question, both founders of the club felt one of the senior students in the club was the perfect fit. Sensei John Eastly was asked to take over the now vacant position of Family Instructor. Sensei Kevin and Sensei John have run the club together since September 2008. 

Sensei Dan is still very active in the SWKKF, establishing a new club on Vancouver Island, and still visits our club a few times a year.

In May 2009 we moved again, this time to Elbow Park. We train out of a great facility, in the basement of Christ Church Calgary.

In September, 2023, the club changed it's name from Glamorgan Karate Club to Three Elements Karate.  The old name had sentimental value, but it didn't serve us well any more:  we haven't trained in the Glamorgan community for 17 years.  So we adopted a name that reflects our training philosophy and logo, rather than a location:  Three Elements Karate, for form, speed, and power.


Sensei Tara Trigg is the artist for the club logo. A special thanks to her for all her dedicated work!

Three Elements Logo

Three Elements Karate embarked on creating a club logo that represents what we stand for. In January 2019 we unveiled a new logo that we feel speaks directly about our training philosophy.

What it means: